Tuesday, February 24, 2009

28 weeks + 1 week

28 weeks
When I first went into labor with Tessa and before everyone realized that we would be lucky to get 48 hours till her birth the doctors told me that they were going to try and get me to 28 weeks. I didn't make it there until 2 years later...but YEAH for that.

So - here is what I look like at 28-ish weeks - and YEAH (did I already say that?)

29 weeks
Oh - and - btw - I was in the hospital for observation for a few hours Monday morning. I was having contractions 6-10 minutes apart from 3-9 am. No change in my cervix though so I got an IV then home I came. The contractions are pretty much non-existant now so - whew. I'm taking this as a subtle reminder to keep taking it easy and not get to cavalier about this whole thing. As glad as I am to be at 29 weeks (YEAH) it is still way to early to have a baby...plus we haven't picked a name yet.


Alyssa's Adventures said...

Would you believe me if I said I was jumping up and down? Well I'm not but I am pretty darn excited. Hows about if you get to 35 weeks I come home and we have a huge partay!!!!!!!!

noah and alyssa said...

I'm with the other Alyssa, pretty darn excited for you! I wish you little stress and lots of laughs with your little one while she's still a singlet. Not the wrestling kind. :)

Maria said...

HOORAY! 29 weeks is amazing! Every extra day of "cooking" must make you feel like a good mama! Keep those feet up, girl!

Cute pic, by the way. Those have been way too few this go around!

CurtisandMindy said...

alright missy, the next time you're in the hospital and I don't hear about it till I read your BLOG...I'm going to put myself straight on a plane...come over there and....i dunno. Steal your chocolate. Do you feel suitably threatened?

ps. you are super cute pregnant.

jamerlou said...

YEAH! I'm glad you're keeping that kid in there. No name yet eh? That's the only reason she hasn't been born yet. Wahoo 29 weeks! P.S. We love playdo at our house. Lots of fun!

indeazgirl said...

You look great! 29 is SWWEEETT!! (And your 2 year old is precious!)

Crystal said...

whoa! hot momma! and sassy too :)