Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wonders of PhotoShop

I was worried I would be sent straight to you-know-where if I bragged about my sweet Photoshop skills on an Easter post. So I just thought I'd show you (in a separate post of course) what that picture looked like when I downloaded it from my camera.


jamerlou said...

What type of Photoshop do you use? Is it Elements? Tessa looks so cute in her Easter dress. I like the flower buttons! I can't get Maxine to wear her Easter dress. It's the cutest tennis dress by Nike girl. It's becoming more and more apparent that our tastes are separating into my tastes and her tastes. I think she'll have to be involved in clothes purchases from now on.

Laura said...

I just got Photoshop...I'm gonna have to take some lessons from you!

fox family said...

You're good! I don't have the changing the backgrounds down yet. is there an easy way?