Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So...as you probably know, we are moving/have moved from our wonderful, homey, cozy, much much too small condo into a rental that our friend just bought.  We will close on our condo sell on Friday.  The plan is to find a single family here in this town we love so much but for now we are just waiting for our dream house (and a couple thousand dollars to make up for the tiny bit of a low price we accepted).  I'll have some pictures of our cute little apartment to show later but for now I have three cute kid stories.

1 - One of the days that Aaron took off to help pack I had a short meeting to run to while the girls ate breakfast.  With my ponytail, jean skirt and cardigan I was ready to head out the door when Meggie says "Mom!  You BARBIE!"  And yes, I floated around all day because of that comment.

2 - Same day I was feeling bad for upheaving the girl's lives (although they've been nothing but excited to move) and apologized to Tessa that the house was such a mess.  She looked around, bewildered, "Mom, its not messy...all the stuff is in BOXES."

All in one day, a daughter who thinks I look like Barbie and one who thinks I'm a decent housekeeper.  Bliss.

3 - The story in which we anthropomorphize our house.  Meg has struggled a little bit with all the change around here, but not as much as I thought she would based on the fact that "House" has been a character in her chatter for quite some time.  In her prayers she thanks Heavenly Father, not for our house, but simply for "House."  And the other day I listened to this conversation.

Tessa:  You can be on a team with Momma and I'll be on a team with Daddy and Quincy.

Meg:  Momma and House.

Tessa: No, just Momma.

Meg:  No!  Momma and House.

Tessa:  No silly Meg, you can't have House on your team, a house doesn't have arms and you have to be able to HUG to be on a TEAM.

Meg: O-kay.