Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Hair Blog

Its time I let you in on a secret. I have another blog. Its called www.1,000, In addition to creative ways to not comb your child's hair there is also has a special section on ways to not wipe yesterday's breakfast off of your daughters' face.

Its a niche blog.

But, if my subscribers saw this picture they'd abandon me in droves.

Behold the first ever pig tails AND keeping barrettes in hair all day, to the point of wanting to sleep in them.


I could tell she knew she was cute when she actually took the binkie out of her mouth and smiled when I asked.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disaster Averted

I think you'll find (as I am finding) that we are entering a new chapter of childhood with Tessa. The chapter wherein she begins to do and say "the darnedest things." You know, the stuff I tell you about, hoping it is as funny in the re-telling as it was in the moment.

Lets begin with this one...

I was putting on my makeup when I heard...ahem... "noises"... from Meg that alerted me to the need for a diaper change. For the last week or so Tessa has been changing her baby dolls diaper constantly, sometime 2-3 in a row. She uses Meg's diapers and a wipe, she puts the wipe in the diaper, folds it, and leaves them lying around the house (I do not know where she learned that). We follow her around and pick up the unfolded but still clean diaper and use them on the kind of baby who will inevitably dirty them. Actually there have been a few times when Tessa has been struck with a tidy impulse and throws the diapers away, declaring "All better" and dusting off her hands. I then have to pull them out of the trash, as long and they are sitting on top.

Anyway, back to the story. While I'm putting on my makeup Tessa is chit-chatting with Meg, how sweet. Then suddenly I realize she has unbuttoned Meg's onsie, gotten out a fresh diaper and is asking me where the wipes are! How helpful she was being. Inside I yelped - ACK! I helped her find the wipes, then asked if I could help her change Meg's diaper. I'm sure she thought "What a good girl Momma is, how sweet, I'll play along and let her think she is helping..."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Independence Day/Dependence Night

We were so thrilled to go to a big barbecue (complete with tiki-torches) on the Fourth of July. I was nervous about how Tessa would do - sometimes she does wonderfully in groups and sometimes, not so well. Luckily two of her best friends, Melanie and Alyssa where there. They played with her while I was stuffing my face full of delicious shrimp and the dessert buffet and quickly she turned into a standard run around ragamuffin.

Tessa with Melanie and Alyssa at the Lake

After eating everyone headed to the fireworks by the lake. Every year we've been in MA we go to our town's fireworks - which we LOVE - but this year decided to go to the fireworks in the town our friends live (do you love my vague "internet safety speak"?). But I am out-of-shape/lazy and didn't want to walk, so we drove to get a little closer, which in the end, really didn't do us that much good (as you'll soon see).

We had fun waiting for the fireworks. But when the show started poor Tessa hid under the blanket saying "No farkles, no farkles," and eventually fell asleep.

Then we headed back to our car and the 30 minute drive home.

Then the car didn't start.

Then we had to hitch a ride with friends who had come to the barbecue and lived close to us, including calling back a family that had already it the highway. I'll be honest, I was/am so embarrassed, as if our family hasn't needed enough help this year. So much for Independence Day.

Then the next day Super Dusty came to the rescue (as usual - see mishap and related endorsement #4) and our car started.

Then the next week we took the car to the shop where, after 5 diagnostic checks and 50 successful startups, the mechanic couldn't find a thing wrong with it.

Then we renewed our AAA membership.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

3rd Annual U** Family July Wagamama Lunch

Right now 95 % of you are asking "What? What? What is Wagamama?" Its a yummy international noodle chain with a restaurant in Boston. We first went to in London in 2006. Then they opened their first US store in Boston July 2007. We took Tessa there on one of her first big outings.

For some reason we went again in July 2008 (I think to celebrate Aaron's offices switch to summer hours - it doesn't take much to warrant a celebratory lunch around here).

This year we went on July 1st. Aaron, always the romantic, invited me to come into eat lunch on the 9th anniversary of our first date. We were also celebrating his LEED accreditation (if you are asking "What? What? What is LEED?" then you missed this long and detailed post). As you can tell from the picture we had other people with us (hi Nicole(also LEED AP), Jenny and Josie) , which is why Mommy gets to make a cameo in the picture. Sadly this picture was taken inside because of the incessant rain.

There, did you see what I did just now? I blogged about this, thereby firmly embedding this outing into U** family tradition. I'm gonna go ahead and put this standing date on my calendar for next year.

And speaking of expectations - Josie...Candy?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It is no small feeling of victory that I experience when I peak in the bedroom and find my toddler asleep, after three commendable attempts at convincing me of "no nap," and "I not fweepy."

It is almost like the feeling I used to get when closing on million dollar real estate deals or brokering an agreement between embattled energy companies. If - you know - I had actually done those things.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Its been awhile

Hey, have you noticed it has been a while since I've posted anything? No? Well, I guess I'll wait a few more weeks then.


You'd like to see some pictures? Well - okay.

I have a feeling you will see a thousand of these type shots...although hopefully not all with the binky.

Heartbreaking (but picture worthy)

Tessa has excellent fine motor skills - if I had a nickel for every therapist that has commented on her "beautiful pincher grasp"...

Washing the car with Daddy - I took this picture from our 3rd story window.

This picture is a month old but ooooooooooh-oh! she is so adorable!

Sidewalk Chalk

This summer I'm thrilled that Tessa is old enough for all sorts of fun stuff that I finally have the ability and sometimes the energy to show her - sidewalk chalk is one of them.

You may have heard us (and every single New Englander) complaining about all the rain but there has been the occasional day where we can all play outside after Daddy gets home from work.