Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tessa Says

Oh Tessa.

Every morning I wonder what she'll say that day, and whether it'll make me want to kiss her or send her to her bed. Frankly, its usually kiss her. She gets sent to her bed when she is wordless, but not silent.

Funny (and/or adorable) things as of late -

Aaron: Tessa, lets talk about...

Tessa: Jesus.


"Mommy. Tell me sumsing about... ... ... CHRISTMAS TREES!"


She's started calling Aaron...well, Aaron. I think it is Hi. Lar. Ious. Him, not so much.


Tessa loves Thomas the Tank Engine, but her first love was the engine named Emily. I'll be honest, I was a little jealous that she loved Emily so much and didn't know that I was Emily. Aaron was trying to "get back at me" for calling him by his NAME, which is how Tessa learned it, by calling me by my name.

She is so not convinced.

Yesterday Aaron asked "Hey Emily, can you get us a glass of water." Tessa followed with "Hey choo choo Momma, you bring me some water?"


And now for a taste of wordlessness -
this one is addressed specifically to future background checkers...

(I only post this because she was doing that on purpose!
She better learn early the power of blogger revenge!)


MindySue said...

Love it. Especially that she calls Aaron by his name. Hee heee.

jamerlou said...

Emily's a good engine. Don't ever get her hooked on Lady. That whole magic railroad storyline is really subpar.

Laura said...

This made me laugh soooo hard!

Not the best thing to do after giving birth. :(

Anne Bennion said...

I love that she called you choo choo momma! Still laughing about that one!