Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where to begin? (November)

It has been at least two, more...since I really, really REALLY updated. Am I even capable of catching up at this point? I guess I'll only know if I try.


Quick trip to New Hampshire with some friends and some outdoor activities (I love "unseasonably warm" and "November" in the same sentence).

Playing like she is an angel.

When in fact these two screamed the entire way up.
Can you say "I'm not kidding - I'm going to turn this car around."

Poor Meggie - I forgot to pack her a coat.

Tessa is multi-tasking on a Nap/Hike.

Oh yes, and Thanksgiving - the last we'll have with our "family" Dusty, Crystal and Avery. We've eaten every Thanksgiving and Easter dinner with them for at least 4 years. Sniff.

What is a post about Fall in New England without the requisite foliage picture?


Laura said...

tessa and meg have grown a ton in just the few months from november! i still laugh when i think about aaron's "tantrum" on the way to NH too ;)

Ashley said...

ahhh New England... I bet it's so lovely there. You are so funny and I loved all the pictures! What a cute family! I wish I could see you around more.