Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday in Boston

I have been avidly following the news on Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" and because the concept behind it perfectly fits my political viewpoint I felt inclined to participate in the Boston "Reasonable picnic to Restore Sanity" satellite rally.  Of course, true to the concept Aaron couldn't come because he had stuff to do (paint the will be coming eventually) and since he had to be in Cambridge later that day (and we only have one car) I decided that the girls and I would make a day of it.  We took the bus into the city, a dream come true for Tessa...for the first 15 minutes.  After that she developed the glazed commuter look and started to wonder what was the big deal about the bus.  I started to get motion sick because of the driving of our rather angry bus driver.  We transfered to the subway, which Tessa liked and eventually ended up at the Boston Common.  The plan in my mind was a picnic in the park- but it was COLD and so rather than drag the kids to Burger King, then back to the rally location we just ate in the store and showed up at the rally 45 minutes late.  Once again, things to do. 

Honestly, there wasn't much going on.  No live feed from DC or any speakers or anything.  Mainly just people with funny signs.  I borrowed one (too busy to make my own) and this picture is priceless!

Those kiddos kill me with their cuteness.  At one point the group of about 200 people decided to march to the State House...well sort of.  Someone suggested it "Lets march to the State House" and others shouted "We are still eating"  Response - "Okay then, in 10 minutes."  Tessa and Meg really got into the march - chanting and singing to their own drummer whilst the rest of us walked along in a reasonable manner.  Then we left the group and hit the really awesome playground in the Common.

Fall in New England is such a blessing!

Tired baby.  Hours past her nap.

Tessa walked the whole day, all around the Common then down Charles Street to the subway stop.  She wanted to walk across the bridge over the Charles River but had a tiny little meltdown out of shear exhaustion.  Some Dunkin' Donuts helped perk her up and she didn't even fall asleep in the car on the way home.  She is really not a baby at all anymore.  Sigh.


noah and alyssa said...

LOVE the sign picture. An alternate caption (you pretty much said it),'CUTENESS, I has it.'

Laura said...

Make way for babies (and big girls) with KILLER eyes!

MindySue said...

First, I am jealous of your camera...or your picture taking abilities. Whichever. Me. Jealous.

Second, That first picture of tessa in the little fur vest reminded me of the first time I saw you in Mr. Haggarts class. Holding, I think, your sort of furry coat together at the lapels. Am I crazy? She just looks so much like you in that picture that I was struck with the image.

Third, it's been a long time since I've read Make Way for Ducklings. I didn't even realize it was set in Boston.

Fourth, "glazed commuter look" *snicker* She catches on quick!

Leshy said...

I love the pictures of them on the ducks how in each one the girl in the back ground is inspecting the duck and the girl in front is smiling. sooo cute.

Leshy said...

I love the pictures of them on the ducks how in each one the girl in the back ground is inspecting the duck and the girl in front is smiling. sooo cute.

Crystal said...

I miss your girls. and Boston. And you. I think its time for your visit.

indeazgirl said...

I love these pictures!! Your girls are beautiful!