Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The girls started Ballet today.

Sorry, no pictures.

It was a pretty last minute thing and I wouldn't really think of myself as someone who puts a TWO year old into a CLASS.  But the girls are basically always doing their own version of Ballet, inspired by the one Angelina Ballerina video we borrowed from the library four months ago.

This is how I know it was a good move.  Meg put herself to bed at 6:30 and the last thing Tessa said to me before I put her to bed was "There are no doors into the ballet room, you just walk in and you are there...That. Is. So. COOL!"

They were so happy that MY head nearly burst with happiness.

(Also, imagine the little body that did the running in the post below this one, doing ballet.  Serious cuteness.)


Crystal said...

It sounds too cute to handle. Maybe recording a performance at home????? Then no proof you put a 2 year old in the class, she could have just learned from older sister :)

indeazgirl said...

I love that you did this.

Mom said...

Pictures and videos, please!

camfox said...

motherhood can be such a joy!