Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lessons Learned

Lesson #1 - be careful what you ask...

I was thinking to myself how I had planned to go to the gym but when it came down to it I wussed out and did something else (grocery shopping if you must know). Out loud I said to Tessa "Your momma is a loser, did you know that?" and she responded in her sweet voice - "Ya!"

Lesson #2 - The more (copies of) keys you have the better.

Yes, I should have known better than to let Tessa play with the keys...the automatic lock thingy in particular. The memory of having the firemen come to my house, ladder truck and all, to get her out of the car will hopefully remind me not to let it happen again.

The whole situation is particularly embarrassing, but add to it the fact that in the past month I've locked myself out of the house twice (in the same week)...and it seems like there might be a problem...

...have I ever told you about the time Aaron called me a goldfish?


indeazgirl said...

Um, next time will you take a picture of the fireman for me? Just kidding. That's totally crazy!
Oh, and you are not a loser. You're normal. Right now I'm reading blogs before work instead of working out.

Sweet Em said...

Regarding the firemen - they were very nice, but not young. Also, I wasn't wearing makeup. So, I completely missed out on a fulfilling fireman fantasy!