Thursday, September 4, 2008

Surprise Heating Oil "Discount"

I am Thankful this Thursday that -

Because we decided not to replace our furnace (hum...that in itself should be my Thankful...) and so we had to fill up our oil tank after months and months of letting it get emptier and is 275 gallons and home heating oil is around $4.00...YIKES.

Luckily our 1st floor neighbors are friends with the people that deliver our oil so they convinced them to split the minimum 100 gallon delivery between our two units. So we got 50 gallons and $200 bill. Not as bad (although, yes, at some point we will need to by MORE oil).

The "discount" part!? Well apparently last spring I paid extra on the last bill, since I figured we'd be buying more and had been behind all winter. I forgot about it and when I got my followup bill from the oil company it was for $70.oo less than the original bill, because of that overpayment! YEAH!

Since I forgot about that I'm counting it as free money. Lutidootidootido (that is singing)


Mattsmom said...

haha. I am the same way. For example...I recently went through the pockets on a pair of pants that do not fit my preggo waistline...and found a wadded up prewashed 20 dollar bill. Go free money!

fox family said...

We've been thinking about you guys. Check out my cousin's blog to see why, starting with the July 23rd post.

Always fun to visit your blog and check in on your cute family.