Monday, September 1, 2008

The Cape

Aaron was in the mood for a 5 day weekend (who isn't?) so he took Thursday & Friday off, in addition to the Monday coming up.

We headed to the Cape on Thursday so that we could beat the weekend traffic and crowds. We learned that Tessa does not like long (3 hour) car rides and has a temper! But she recovered quickly whenever we stopped the car and really had a lot of fun exploring the hotel room and turning the TV off and on (repeat...)

On Thursday night we just drove around and looked at cute cottages, stopping at a beach to stretch our legs. Fish and Chips for dinner - yum.

Then on Friday we spent the whole day at Nausett Beach. The day started out overcast but cleared up and was a perfect beach day. If you were flying over the east coast on Friday and looked down at Cape Cod - those three flashes of reflected light were the U** family frolicking on the beach. We slathered on the SPF 50 because after all, if you don't even have a base tan by Labor Day, there really is no point (that and skin cancer just doesn't seem like a fun time). You may want to don your polarized specs to view the pictures in this post.

Aaron and I took turns playing in the waves. You know, its been two years since I actually got IN the water when we've gone to the beach. This time Aaron let/made me go first and I remembered that it is a lot of fun! Of course the only reason I really got fully immersed is that a wave knocked me over but after that there was no stopping me.

Me clearing my eyes after the first wave knocked me over.

Aaron just about to catch a wave.

Aaron also had a lot of fun, as he is a wave aficionado. There was one scary part of the day though - I was laying on the beach (not tanning, just laying, remember the SPF 50) reading a magazine while Tessa finally slept and suddenly a loud noise made me look up and directly at Aaron, who was in the water on the opposite side of me that he'd been all day. And he was way, way out there, and he was swimming towards shore (floating on a body board) but not moving. Then suddenly he turned and started swimming parallel to shore - which is what you are supposed to do when you are caught in a rip tide. YIKES! I was all ready to run to a lifeguard but eventually he started moving towards shore. Whew!

Well - it was scary for me - but when he got back to shore he just kept playing in the water and I didn't find out till later that he had started on the right of our beach site and was carried to the left about about 2x as far out as he had intended.

Our beach spot - we got there early enough that we were on the "front row" and Tessa could watch the people play all day.
Say Awww..... at how Tessa is leaning against my shoulder.
(P.S. Can you find the photoshopping in this picture?)

She wasn't terribly interested in this water with the big waves. But she did play a little bit right at the water line. This next picture is funny because she was posing so sweetly on the body board - but you can see the water climbing up the sand as a bigger than average wave picked the board up and carried it ONE INCH - which led to some serious crying and snuggling needed.

Here are my "scenery" pictures



jamerlou said...

Merril and I were reading your post and our guess for the photoshop question is an inverted and moved sand castle mound. *wink* Looks like you guys had a great time at the beach. It looks like the beach was really nice. We're thinking about going out tomorrow with Jessica. I love your white family! :) Miss you.

indeazgirl said...

Yep. I'm gonna guess you photoshopped over your cleavage. Sad times.
And Tessa looks PRECIOUS leaning on your shoulder. And Aaron looks super-cool catching a wave.
Fun times!! Y'all have such cool places over there!

Crystal said...

I'm assuming the bird feet picture is zoomed....or you tricked a dumb bird intoo coming close with bread :)

CurtisANDMindy said...

Love the snuggle one...where is the photoshop? LOVE LOVE the one with her grinning on the body board...and HOW did you get that birds feet like that?