Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey Mister

Hey Mr. Garbage Man:

I saw you take that "Boxtop for Education" off the cereal box in my recycling bin. And it made me decide to try and get my kids into the same school that the garbage man's kids go to.

Hey Mr. Foods Purchaser:

Am I the only one who sees the problem with these organic bananas?

Hey Elderly Lady at the Grocery Store:

Thank you for commenting on my daughters singing, and telling me about the free cookie that the bakery gives kids. Thank you for telling me that you are about to go crazy shopping with your husband - that he takes so long, that you would have been out of there 30 minutes ago. Thank you for telling me that even if you can't grocery shop with your sweetheart without an argument, that you can still be married for 62 years.


Queen Elizabeth said...

I am also a Box Top nazi. (Yes, lowercase "n".) Agree w/ the bananas and love the grocery friend story.

Ashley said...

What's wrong with saran wrap and Styrofoam containers? I'm sure they will biodegrade....... eventually. =) I really enjoy the clever way you look at the world. I will endeavor to make my grocery store experience equally as amusing as you do. =) Thanks for the laughs today!

indeazgirl said...

So the old lady part almost made me cry. Things that always almost make me cry:
Mission stories and old people romantic stories. Always.
That bananas thing is nuts.
And somebody needs to kiss your garbage man for that. What a good daddy!!