Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Catch-up - March

March began our ORDEAL of potty training. It began with the simple task of getting Tessa to sit on the potty. That took three weeks to get her to do it willingly without tears. Then came actually going...we are still working on that- SIX. WEEKS. LATER. I know that many of you have suffered through listening to me talk about it.

And I feel bad about that.

But I've suffered through actually doing it! I overheard a mom at library story time saying that her son pretty much potty trained in 2 days and I wanted to either cry or strangle her.

Anyway - maybe I'll talk more about this later (you are on the edge of your seat, I know) because I need serious advice but for now I'll show you a sliver lining of potty training...seeing this cute bum...

I love reading to the girls and it was one of the big things I looked forward to with kids...but Daddy, oh Daddy - he is such a good story reader.

Poor Tessa hears "I just need to send one email" or "Daddy/Mommy can't play right now, I just need to finish some work" much, much too often (she'd hear it less if she still napped - unfortunately some work just needs to be done during business hours). As any good three year old should, she turns the table by using one of those phrases as an excuse for why she can't come when I call.

Then there are other times when Tessa is the influence on Daddy...

Just for you - some Meggie smiles...

The bag of yarn was laying on the floor; the aftermath of an attempt to clean out Closet A. Tessa worked quietly on the project and when I came to see what she was doing she told me "Mom, I just trying to make a sweater."

This was taken whilst Aaron and Tessa were playing in a deserted lobby of the Cleveland Art Museum. As one of Aaron's co-workers observed - Tessa was truly experiencing the architecture of the space.

My blogging fog feels like it is beginning to lift...I have some thoughts beginning to percolate in my head. So, if I can get through April and May I may actually start elucidating. I'm sure you can't wait.


Maria said...

I can't! (Wait, that is!) Keep the posts coming!! :)

Brent and Tracie said...

We are on week 4 with potty training. It is going okay. I have determined that potty training is absolute torture. I would rather run a marathon pregnant than potty train my child. I told Brent this and he just laughed - obviously he has had less potty training to deal with.

Good Luck!

jamerlou said...

Oi. Potty training. Just remember that they're potty trained by college. Just trying to keep your eye on the prize. You could still get one that potty trained in 2 days. Juliet was like that. The others, not so much. Maxine (10 months) and Jack (8 months.) You'll make it.