Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photo Catch-up - Easter

I rocked Easter. I feel upside down most days but I pulled it together for the holiday and, essentially, became my mother for the day.

I mean look at this - bunny shaped pancakes.

Plus rice kripsy treats in the shape of bird's nest and dinner on the table and the house clean in time before our dinner guests arrived. Cute little monograms for the girls baskets. A necessity so that Tessa wouldn't claim it all for herself.

It was conference weekend so no church, just home in jammies listening to inspired words on the internet. The past few years we have walked along the beach between sessions - the past few years it has been in the 50-60s and drizzly, so it seemed Sunday appropriate. When it is 75 and GORGEOUS, it seems a little less so. But that didn't stop us from enjoying the beautiful day on the beach with the new Easter Bunny kite and bubble gun. (No pictures because I made the decision to enjoy the trip, not photo-document it).

Aaron got to fulfill a childhood fantasy of drinking milk from the inside of a hollow chocolate bunny. And by fulfill a fantasy I mean, live vicariously through his daughter, like any good parent should.

Icing on the cake was Tessa's first potty training success - I told her I would let her buy a prize if she "went" (remember 3 weeks to even sit on the potty...) so of course it was on a Sunday. Luckily I had a stash of fun things in the closet, including super fun window crayons. WE. LOVE. THEM.


Ashley said...

i love your photo catch up. Now I feel like I've had Easter twice this year! You are a dynamite mom and I love your pancakes! I'm getting to be anti photos sometimes too. I might regret, but I just want to LIVE! =) But, I'm glad for the pictures you took. those kids are TOOO gorgeous.