Saturday, October 30, 2010

I talked with my mom last night and she urged me to post more often on the blog. Perhaps I'll make her a deal, I'll post everytime she calls me on the phone... eh? ;)

Sadly for her I'm posting something I've already shared with her.

I wanted to make a cake for the ward halloween party (the fact that there was no scary cake contest this year, unlike the previous six years did not make it through to my consciousness- honestly people, stop messing with tradition) and stumbled across a cute idea from Martha Stewart.

I was worried that the frosting wouldn't be super white and would therefore clash with the marshmellows so I, because I'd read a blurb about it on google, decided to add one drop of blue (?!) food coloring to the frosting. The second I started mixing it together I knew I'd made an ENORMOUS mistake that I could never recover from and started moaning about the kitchen and berating myself for my stupidity.

In the midst of this drama-fest Tessa calmly says "Mom, it will look fine, lets just keep going, don't give up." Me: "Do you really think so...?" Tessa: "Yes, now come back over here and lets make the cake."

In the end it was a disaster, but a cute, rather oozy looking disaster (thats a good thing) - and since no one else showed up with a cake for the ward trunk-or-treat party - I declared myself the winner of the 2010 Scary Cake Contest!

And now for comparison's sake (and a good laugh)

Martha's Cake - -

My cake - -


Laura said...

I'd have to say that definitely win the SCARY cake contest! HAHAHA HAHAHA!

DAD C said...

The cake looks more like a St. Patricks day cake. Are the ghosts Irish?

indeazgirl said...

I laughed hysterically!! But I do have to say it's a totally awesome halloween cake your way. Much scarier. And much less pretentious. ;-)

Anonymous said...

In the pic. the frosting looks green to me, like slime- scary. Martha's cake looks too white, like snow- not scary.