Sunday, October 3, 2010



Summertime has been fun and fun and fun around here.

No time for blogging, obviously.

But on occaision I did take pictures so here are July, August and September for your viewing pleasure.

(Winter was the season of grumpy photo faces - Summer is the season of silly photo faces)

Our solution to a small house. Take that housing market!

Family Day during Salem's Heritage Days.

Family Fun Day featured 5 bounce houses - Tessa was a big fan.

Taken on a weekend morning - the one day I got to sleep in because Daddy cornered the girlies on their room with fruit loops to distract them.

Boston greenway merry-go-round. Meg lasted abou 30 seconds before she needed to dismount, Tessa, though, is a regular ol' cowgirl.

I had a fantasy that I'd take some pictures near the waterfront and enter them into a contest for a local organization. No one cooperated, this was my best shot. :P

Wake up Daddy!

An 85 degree day in the 3rd week of September meant we were the only people on the beach.

We had fun, though.

Three days later we brought daddy along when we hit one of the "nice" beaches that generally has a high parking fee.

Meg was ready.

This picture is for those of our friends in the west who are going on bear hunts. Aaron "caught" this bear and Meg posed with it.

Tessa is channeling her inner mother warrior.

Sleepover on the bedroom floor.

Are you sick of the beach photos?

I'm pretty sure the "summer" weather is over...

But you never know.


Laura said...

I am feeling very satisfied with this long post and it's many cute photos!
Meg is rockin the pony tail!

Crystal said...

jealous jealous jealous. thanks for the pictures so i can at least see it :) And i miss your girls. they're too stinkin cute!

Anonymous said...

You look like a realy classy mom in the pix of you and the kids on the "trolley".

indeazgirl said...

I love all your pictures! Your girls are beautiful, and the beaches look so nice. I love getting a glimpse into your summer (and your life!) ......It finally got under 100 degrees here this week. I was so ready.