Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two things I never want Tessa to say In Real Life

Some things are appropriate for a three year old to say "for 'tends" - but if I am really hoping not to hear either of these phrases used later on in her life.

1 - I called Tessa to the lunch table multiple times, finally she dashes to the kitchen breathlessly "Sorry teacher, I was late because my baby was sick."*

2 -  "I had a friend in college named Uma Zuma"  (No kid of mine will be spending her time with someone who has a name like that when she should be studying!)

*Only acceptable if she uses this when pursuing an advanced degree at any respected institute of higher learning, in which case it would be "Sorry professor...". 


Sweet Em said...

FYI - You might not be able to see the clock but it is 10:45am...