Sunday, February 13, 2011


I once told a friend who's son turned four that "four year olds are just kids, not even little kids anymore."  And the pictures below really prove that point.  But still, a few nights ago, Tessa stood as tall as she could and said "Look how big I am!" I was overcome by how small, sweet, and innocent she is.

Four years - whoa.

For those of you who knew that Tessa was insisting that she'd be turning FIVE - nine days ago, completely on her own accord, she asked me shyly "Mom, when will I turn four?"  and I tentatively responded "in nine days...?" and she smiled. 

3-5 year olds are ADORABLE!

"Are you ready for the movie star?"

And just because I can't help it

Tessa - 9 weeks old.


Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Tessa!! I'm sorry we weren't there to enjoy in the festivities.

MindySue said...

Happy Birthday Tessa! (It's still the 13th here) I am so glad that she is doing so well. Can you believe it's been four years. It seems like yesterday, and yet it doesn't. Weird.

I hope she had fun at her party and I LOVE the Hello Kitty cake.

PS. I have a delta voucher. You feel like visiting??

Alyssa's Adventures said...

Happy Birthday Tessa! So happy she turned four, even more happy she is a hello kitty fan :)

Ashley said...

Amazing cake! Happy Birthday. It's scary to think how quickly they grow up! But it's always something fun. she's a cutie.

lulu said...

Happy Birthday Tessa! SHE IS SOOOO BIG! The biggest 4 year old EVER! Oh and, I love the cake.

jamerlou said...

If you have a 4-year old, that means I almost have a 4-year old and that's impossible. *Make it clear now let's all cheer for Hello Kitty!*

Mom said...

I love their bare little toes at the edge of the carpet-wish I could tickle them. Whether its 2 years, 4 years or 31 years--my! it goes by fast. Love you guys.

Mom said...

Oh and great cake!!