Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We're Sick

All three of us.

And for the record. Tessa is a much happier sickie than either Mommy or Daddy. You know you've got a good kid when she gives you a BIG smile - barfs - then gives you another BIG smile.

(Ewww gross...don't you just hate the word barf :P)


indeazgirl said...

Hi! Hope you feel better soon. Probably by now you are better, but you know...
So I have a confession to make. You reading my blog makes me so so happy, and I have been such a slacker about reading this one. (Holy Cow! You've written so much!) The last time I read was in, um, August (horrible..I know..), so I just finished reading it and I'm going back now to make comments on lots of it. And from now on I'll know how much you write so I will be back lots more.
Love you so much,

indeazgirl said...

And I love your two permanent pics on the beach. Tessa looks beautiful and you and Aaron look so happy!

Maria said...

Feeling better yet? We miss you! :) Being sick stinks!!

Hope this comment finds you eating large bowls of food (any kind, really) and enjoying the heck out of it!