Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween in Salem

Halloween in Salem is great fun. Even on a Wednesday there was a crowd of 75,000 people who came that night. However not many of them came down our street (thank goodness) so it was a quiet night for us. Tessa did ask to get dressed in her costume though and so we spent some time on the front porch giving out candy and charming the neighbors.

However there was some real creepiness afoot. Some friends of ours' nanny came caught this video...its hard to tell what you are actually seeing so it really could be nothing...but take a look and see what you think.


Sweet Em said...

Disclaimer: I lied, it wasn't our friends who captured this...just some random you tuber. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Great Halloween Costumes! Hey I am coming to your area for the national AIA Convention in May! Are you going? Lost your email addresses. I just thought to say HI! My wife Blog stocks you all the time. Have fun.
Robert Fehrenbacker.

jamerlou said...

I thought the video was funny. I was all ready to be serious.

fox family said...

That was so hilarious. Nathan and I were laughing and wiping tears from our eyes. Thanks so much for the laugh. -Camille