Friday, November 9, 2007

I am NOT obsessed with my eyelashes

Although apparently I am supposed to be. After all, every magazine on the rack has a headline about having "Thicker, Darker, Sexier Lashes" that are in fact "Lash-Tastic," the makeup companies are rolling out new products everyday to make my lashes standout, curl, separate, lengthen, feather, and thicken...and I just don't care.

What is my problem?

Perhaps its the fact that I have fairly light coloring (maybe you haven't noticed) so really, if I show up with long, dark, lethally pointy lashes people should be aware that they are not my natural lashes. Its just the truth.

In fact...sometime I go out with NO mascara on. This is pretty big considering that for most of my makeup wearing life I counted "mascara" as one of those 10 things you grab if your house is on fire. Its great to A) feel like I look good (enough) to parade around the grocery store bare faced and B) be able to rub my eyes whenever I want.

In fact my best day last week was when I hit the bank and the grocery store with no make up and my baby wearing her slippers out of the house! I'm not being sarcastic to say that I feel like this is the life!

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indeazgirl said...

My thoughts throughout the whole first paragraph consisted of "has she seen Benefit's new 'Bad Girl Blue' mascara? I should really go get that anyways."

The second paragraph I thought I am sure emily looked fantastic and carefree that day and felt awesome - and I am a titch jealous of the confidence in that situation! ;o)

Cim* said...

So I'm glad you found my blog!I finally have some time to leave a comment on your blog too! I love it! You are amazing. I'm not at all surprised to see what a fulfilling life you seem to be living. You look great and are still as clever as ever:) I think a little whit is always better than a lot of lashes:) luv yer guts!