Sunday, November 25, 2007


We had a great Thanksgiving. We ate dinner with friends and it was great. The only person who ate more than Aaron was Tessa.

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Just kidding, she did feast on the creamy mashed potatoes though...and Daddy gave her some roll. Mommy had to give him "the look" for that one.

No, we did not wake up early to go shopping on Friday. Do we look crazy? Nevertheless we are ready to head into the Christmas season. Ho Ho Ho!!

Just for the heck of it, here is another picture that shows off Tessa's beautiful eyes.

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jamerlou said...

Hey cuties!! Sounds like your Thanksgiving was fun. Ours was great! Merril even hooked up the fireplace so we had a nice fire going for dinner. It was beautiful. I LOVE MY QUILT. I mean Juliet's quilt. I take her everywhere in it. I get comments every time I go somewhere. Thanks again! Loves-J

We Three said...

Having trouble deciding who Miss Tigress looks like more. All I knwo is she's ADORABLE! -Brea

Maria said...

So, that plate of food DOES look quite impressive...and Tessa is just a princess! What a beauty!
Happy Turkey Day!

Emily said...

Why did Aaron get "the look" for the roll? Looks like yummy food though. At least he didn't give her turkey. (Dave tried to let Rett lick his turkey. He definitely got "the look" for that) Happy Thanksgiving!

Aunt Lulu said...

Tessa knows exactly what she is supposed to do in front of a camera, she is smiling in every picture! What a sweetheart! I am excited to see you all soon. Love you!

Brent and Tracie said...

At least Aaron hasn't let Tessa lick a piece of steak which was the first thing Brent let Beka taste test.

Tessa definately has your smile. :)