Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glad that's over

I have not been looking forward to August 26th. In fact I've been trying very diligently not to really think much about it in hopes it would come and go very quickly.

Today was the day I went to contest my speeding ticket. Well, actually - if you are familiar with Massachusetts traffic ticket laws then you'd know today was the 1st of 2 steps in doing so.

I, of course, bowed out of the 2nd step by taking the reduced fine offered by the magistrate (who, disappointingly wasn't even wearing a robe!) in lieu of going before the judge at a future date.

So - points still go on my license, but I saved us $160 in the short term.

I might add - I'm lucky to have a last name that is near the end of the alphabetical list. Turns out there is a lot of traffic on the highway in the middle of the day. So many cars that it creates thirty five minutes of gridlock (according to the smart traveler phone number), which, in combination with a horrid map provided by the District Court and difficulty finding a parking lot made me 45 minutes late. Nice. However they were proceeding by last name and were only on the "s"s when I got there. At least I worked that pretty well in my favor!


jamerlou said...

Yikes! I would've been totally hosed with my last night. The judge would've just thrown the book at me. I'm glad it's over for you!!

CurtisANDMindy said...

i'm glad to know that you got it reduced. that makes it a little less painful. i know, i guess most court rooms don't look anything like on tv...what a disappointment.

Tara said...

Hey Em! I'm so glad you got that behind you. It's funny because I was thinking the other day about when you came to visit and I was wondering how that all turned out. Good job being brave--I would have cried and then paid it and then cried some more ;0)