Monday, November 24, 2008


Often shyness is approached like a problem that needs to be overcome, but really - it is just a character trait - perhaps the opposite of being outgoing. Some people might think that being outgoing is preferable to being shy, but I disagree, the two personalities balance each other*. (That is the nice way to say: Just as a shy person might come across aloof, sometimes an out-going person just needs to be quiet. ;) )

Tessa is shy when we are in public and rarely leaves my side (rarely as in never). Despite my above opinion on the validity of a shy personality I sometimes get exasperated that she won't show her cute personality to more people. And sometimes I want to be able to walk without an extra 22 lbs clinging to me.

A few weekends ago we were at some friends house for breakfast and a bunch of kids were playing in the next room. Oh, Tessa wanted to go play with them, but she wouldn't go by herself, she wanted me to come, and being a party-pooper adult, wanted to be where I could chit-chat with the big kids. Later I was telling this story to Aaron and he simply said "Of course she wanted you to come. You are her best-friend."

I don't think he meant that so be so profound but it totally opened my eyes and made me even more appreciative of Tessa's sweet personality, and flattered that she wants me to be involved in all events of her life.


Sweet Em said...

Comments about my belly creeping into this picture will NOT be appreciated.

Maria said... sweet! It is so fun to get to be with these little angels (Even if you can't get another thing done because of it!)

Maria said...

PS-Never would have known that was your belly...

CurtisandMindy said...

awwwww. so rarely are the husbands right that when they are we must give pause. i love how much she loves you. my kids have never been much for hanging out with mom (i wonder what that says about me) so I haven't really been there but i can bet that sometimes you just want to, i don't know, dance in circles w/o worrying about who you might kick because of their proximity. i get it. but how sweet that you two are best buds. she adores you. tell A thanks for opening all of our eyes. that's a good perspective to have when our kids are being demanding of our time.