Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Thank goodness for digital - eh? It allows me to take 15 shots of the same scene, then store it on my hard drive for years and never let anyone else see them.

But not this time!

Here are a few shots of Meg on day 2 of Life:

And two shots of Miss T:
I took TWENTY pictures and these were the only two that she would face the camera and/or not have her fingers in her mouth...come to think of it, why did I keep taking pictures if she wasn't looking at me...?

And some SUPER CUTE shots of Meg with her eyes open:


MindySue said...

i can totally see you in both your children! they are so cute. i know the "joys" of trying to get your kids to look at the camera. just you have to get TWO sets of eyes to look AT THE SAME TIME. it's fun.

Ashley said...

So cute! Does Meg look like Tessa as a newborn? You took some great pictures.

Ashley said...

You make me so excited to be having a little girl... they are so much cuter! =) You have such precious little girls, and I can't wait to meet them one day. =)

cousin ashley

ps richard says hi.

Emily said...

I hope my little girl is that cute.

Maria said...

Those are two DARLING princesses!!

Laura said...

"Oh my gosh!"
"Oh my GOSH!"
"OH. MY. WORD!...Look Connel, her (Tessa's) hair is just like Emily's"
"Oh my gosh."
"She is sooooo CUTE!"

Just thought you might want a play by play of reaction to these pictures.


Brent and Tracie said...

I eventually feel so guilty for not posting, especially for the grandparents that I burn a CD of 6 months of pictures and send it to them. That usually diminished the guilt enough so I can sleep at night:)

Drewmeister said...

What beautiful children :)

indeazgirl said...

OH my gosh she is so beautiful. I love her little eyes!

Sara said...

I love your pictures!!! Meg and Tessa are SO beautiful!!! : ) It's so amazing to see Meg so new and so little!! Bless her heart!! She is so, so, so sweet!! --And so is Tessa!!!