Saturday, May 30, 2009

A match made in ...

A few months ago: (I don't care to know the exact date, it would just make me sigh louder) Aaron took the bathroom sink off the wall - and it hasn't worked since.

This week: He finally replaced the tiny little piece that needed to be fixed to get it working again.

An hour ago: I slipped into a nice little "baby on your chest after nursing" doze and when I woke up I was informed that Aaron got that gouge on his nose (which luckily for me was not still spilling blood down his face when I saw it) while trying to reconnect the kitchen sink sprayer and that it was broken.

"Your nose?"

"No, the sink."

"That's okay, it hasn't worked in 2 years."

"No, not just the sprayer...the whole sink doesn't work."

All of this happened in twenty minutes and less than 20 feet from where I was sleeping.

"Don't worry though, I cleared a path to the bathroom sink* so use that until I get back from H--- D----.**"


I grumble about the house, wishing we would just order pizza for dinner to save me the hard labor of frying up already formed hamburger patties***. But I bite the frugal bullet and decide to get everything ready to eat the minute the intrepid remodeler and his bubbly little sidekick return from the store.

Eight minutes later: The microwave beeps that the thaw cycle is done...a few reminder beeps go by and I head into the kitchen. I open the door. No hamburger. Did I take it out already? I look again. And again. And finally I find the hamburger, in a bowl, next to the window. And having never made it into the microwave at all they are of course, still frozen.

I'm really just worried about the children.


*We hadn't been using the long awaited bathroom sink because there was construction debris blocking the way, and because dirty doesn't come near describing its condition.

** I have grown to loath this particular construction supply store and would rather not mention its name in entirety.

***Edited to add: It turns out that having to use the bathroom sink while cooking makes for a pretty inefficient work triangle.

Edited once again with this update: The kitchen sink was fixed within two hours of this post. This means that I am now blessed with TWO working sinks...can you imagine?


Laura said...

I am glad that you have such a great attitude and that you can laugh about it...or at least provide something for us to laugh about.

Hope you are doing well.

Crystal said...

When Tessa stayed for dinner a couple weeks back and I made fishsticks....I didn't notice the "50% power" next to the 6 minutes. At 5 minutes 55 seconds I noticed a horrible odor and pulled out the fish sticks (which were then more like charcoal).

Moral of the story - Its not just you. Its what these cute little kids do to us when our bodies think they're more important than we are.

jamerlou said...

Ohhh...I'm very sorry. I have to admit that I chuckled heartily when I got to the end. I've had those kinds of days.

Maria said...

Thanks for the comic relief. I've been missing you! Good luck with tomorrow. (You know, when the sun comes out!) :)

MindySue said...

Can I PLEASE just come and take care of you?!?! I promise I won't let Aaron ANYWHERE near the tools!

Drewmeister said...

Oh dear--I hope it's fixed now. Good thing you have such a good attitude.

Jen said...

Oh Emily - I think you're reliving my mother's life (except that your sink will probably get fixed before the end of the year). Chin up & keep up the good attitude.

Russ said...

Thank you Aaron! Keep the stories coming. Every time I botch up a home improvement project, I mention one of the many Aaron experiences to Sarah and my botch up doesn't seem so bad anymore. I'll keep this one in my pocket for when I redo the bathroom this year.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the encouragement Russ,

So far, I convinced 5 people at work that I got in a fist fight at the Home Depot with another customer and even though they didn't press charges, I'm banned from there for a year. Emily's dream come true. It's a much better story than telling them you smacked a disposal with your face.

The cut right across my nose looks just like someone broke it, if only I had thought to do black eyes with makeup, I could really pull it off.

Russ said...

So where's the picture of the nose wound? Sounds like a site to see.

You'll have to post pics of the condo when you're done. Or at least in between projects. I'm still bummed that we couldn't keep the kids healthy enough to come visit before we moved back west.

Ashley said...

You are so funny! Your blog makes my day. I hear you are coming to visit your parents soon! I hope that is true... I can't wait to meet your whole family!

cousin ashley

Ashley said...

You know what's sad? I had to look up the work meconium because I never even had to deal with it either! I was like, is that a special kind of diaper? I've never heard of those! =) But, now I know what to look forward too! Thanks Webster...

ashley skifton