Friday, August 28, 2009

A Glimpse: Funny things Tessa says

We once told Tessa not to give Meg her binkie if she was happy - now the Binkie Nazi holds us to our word by saying She happy is and if we don't comply she POPS it out of Meg's mouth, usually resulting in she happy isn't.

No coz ee door (translation: Don't close the door)

Grossy (translation: Gross, but cuter)

Wha-ar ye doin' Mom? (yes, MOM - I got less than a year of momma) She asks this one over and over while I'm cleaning up potty training accidents, as if to make me contemplate if I really want to do this.

It is Sooooooooooooo CUKE (this applies to Meg, clothes and pictures of slides, aka Wheees)

After cleaning up numerous potty-training accidents AND a diaper explosion from the little one I was feeling ganged up on and abandoned (I mean who GOES TO WORK when there is potty-training a foot?) The solution for feeling sorry for myself was a trip to the store to buy something, anything (can you say lysol spray and lysol wipes?) so I sat with Tessa to put her shoes on and she says, clear as a bell, "Thank you for helping me Mom" Instant mood lifter.

She also melted my heart a few weeks ago when she declared Thank you. Momma. Food.


Laura said...

I have to say the "she happy is" is my favorite. Is is soooooooo CUTE!

jamerlou said...
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jamerlou said...

I realized my comment didn't make sense. What I meant to say was this:

Potty training is the biggest drag! Jack's been pooping in his underwear for 8 months. Oi. Oh well, they don't have accidents in college right? I can't wait until he grows out of this phase.

Did I ever tell you my potty training boot camp idea?? You send your kids away for 2 weeks and they come back magically potty trained. If there was one, I know I'd pay whatever they wanted.

Leshy said...

aww i miss you guys!!!

Sarah said...

Very fun! Parents have them, too, I guess. A few years ago I called Sydney "adorable." She responded, "I'm not a door bell!"