Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip/Picture Catch-up Part 2 of ?

I knew waiting to post about our trip would work to my advantage.

Once again - please visit my sister's blog for pictures of one of our first days in Idaho Falls.

Laura's Blog - Living a Little


Alyssa's Adventures said...

Okay I am so amazed that Tessa would let that goose eat right out of her hand. Also your Meg is so adorable, and Tessa is as well obviously. I LOVE that dress Tessa is wearing, very Toddler Chic

Crystal said...

Y'all are so cute :) And I agree with Laura...the picture of Meg & your Mom is awesome. I think it would make an awesome christmas gift for her...if you need an idea :)

Leshy said...

o my gosh emily your header is so so so so so so so sos os so sos os os s cute i love it.