Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not about the vacation

I know you are waiting to hear about my 23 day, 22 night all expenses paid vacation to sunny Eastern Idaho, and it'll happen - only it'll happen in U** time = s l o w l y.

You see, I operate on deadlines and the end of the month is a deadline on the blog I contribute to.


I recently reviewed two books that were so helpful to me that I wanted to recommend them here as well.

One is called "The Shyness Breakthrough"

and the other is "Into the Minds of Babes".

The exciting thing is that the author of "Babes" found my review, liked it (duh, I gave her five stars) and partnered with RFS to offer a copy of the book as a giveaway. The deadline for entering is the end of the month (augh - panic attack - is it really almost the end of AUGUST!?) so head over there and sign up.


MindySue said...

why thankyou my dear emily! i should call you...i really should...but I"m going to nap instead and try to call later.

Ashley said...

Congrats on your acknowledged review! I'm sorry we didn't get to see you more on your visit, but I really enjoyed it when we did! Have fun in the East!