Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So...as you probably know, we are moving/have moved from our wonderful, homey, cozy, much much too small condo into a rental that our friend just bought.  We will close on our condo sell on Friday.  The plan is to find a single family here in this town we love so much but for now we are just waiting for our dream house (and a couple thousand dollars to make up for the tiny bit of a low price we accepted).  I'll have some pictures of our cute little apartment to show later but for now I have three cute kid stories.

1 - One of the days that Aaron took off to help pack I had a short meeting to run to while the girls ate breakfast.  With my ponytail, jean skirt and cardigan I was ready to head out the door when Meggie says "Mom!  You BARBIE!"  And yes, I floated around all day because of that comment.

2 - Same day I was feeling bad for upheaving the girl's lives (although they've been nothing but excited to move) and apologized to Tessa that the house was such a mess.  She looked around, bewildered, "Mom, its not messy...all the stuff is in BOXES."

All in one day, a daughter who thinks I look like Barbie and one who thinks I'm a decent housekeeper.  Bliss.

3 - The story in which we anthropomorphize our house.  Meg has struggled a little bit with all the change around here, but not as much as I thought she would based on the fact that "House" has been a character in her chatter for quite some time.  In her prayers she thanks Heavenly Father, not for our house, but simply for "House."  And the other day I listened to this conversation.

Tessa:  You can be on a team with Momma and I'll be on a team with Daddy and Quincy.

Meg:  Momma and House.

Tessa: No, just Momma.

Meg:  No!  Momma and House.

Tessa:  No silly Meg, you can't have House on your team, a house doesn't have arms and you have to be able to HUG to be on a TEAM.

Meg: O-kay.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Mooch

I'm pretty sure she hates it when I do this but her pictures are vastly better (and there are more of them) and, well, she posts on her blog occaisionally.  So really I have no choice but to link you to my sister Laura's blog for info about our 4th of July holiday.

As Tessa says - Happy America Day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The girls started Ballet today.

Sorry, no pictures.

It was a pretty last minute thing and I wouldn't really think of myself as someone who puts a TWO year old into a CLASS.  But the girls are basically always doing their own version of Ballet, inspired by the one Angelina Ballerina video we borrowed from the library four months ago.

This is how I know it was a good move.  Meg put herself to bed at 6:30 and the last thing Tessa said to me before I put her to bed was "There are no doors into the ballet room, you just walk in and you are there...That. Is. So. COOL!"

They were so happy that MY head nearly burst with happiness.

(Also, imagine the little body that did the running in the post below this one, doing ballet.  Serious cuteness.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Run Meggie Run

Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Years

Happy Anniversary to US.

Or, if you are four or younger, Happy 10 Birthday to our Family.

We all made wishes before we blew out the candles.
We'll let you know when they come true.