Friday, August 24, 2007

"A few of my favorite things"

I wanted to be a mommy so I could rock-a-bye my baby. I think being rock-a-byed were some the best times of my life. Sometimes when I'm feeling kind of needy I wish I could still be rock-a-byed by my mommy.

The first time I held Tessa I had a stockpile of songs I'd been waiting a long time to sing her. I tried each one on the list and the one that stuck the most was "These are a few of my Favorite Things". I took it as a personal victory that I would be in my little corner humming to Tessa, then a few minutes later a nurse would walk by singing "brown paper packages tied up with strings" and have no idea how that got stuck in her head.

Other songs I like to sing to Tessa are...

Lullaby by Jack Johnson (this was especcially poignant while she was in the hospital

Whenever I hear the song of a bird

I love to see the Temple

Lately we've started dancing to "Sweet Caroline" (dum dum dum)


Maria said...

Ok, so I'm pretty POSITIVE that I've checked your blog since Aug 24th and you hadn't there some trickery afoot?

Really, I'm just happy to have more goodies to read!

Maria said...

P.S. I still sing "I want to be your personal penguin, from NOW OOOOOONNNN!!" occasionally. I owe it all to you!

indeazgirl said...

Ok, so I might have almost cried a little bit when I read the lyrics to Lullaby...tender moments

And on a different note, guys arms are good for rocking sometimes...