Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our Assignment

"I want you to work on your assignment today," the nurse said when I called down to the NICU to check on the baby.


"What assignment?!"

"We want to know what name to call this little girl."

Woosh...oooooh. I think I can DO that!

Well, in theory I could. It actually took us till the next morning to decide. The week before we had narrowed it down from 52 possibilities, to seven. So we took those seven and went to work. Our top choices had originally been pretty little names like Julianna.

Then we met our baby. She deserved a name that was cute and spunky. Tough in a "Daddy-is-wrapped-around-my-finger-and-he-hasn't-even-held-me-yet" kind of way.

Seven became three and we finally chose Tessa. I knew then, and can tell you know, that it is the perfect name for her. Tessa Rachel U--.

And if you want to read something REALLY cheesy then seriously, brace yourself...

E + A = TRU Luv