Monday, February 4, 2008

An Upset

I haven't watched a single football game this season. I'd have to say the largest reason is the fact that we don't get a television signal, or at least we don't get a clear signal.

Last night however, that didn't stop us from rigging the antenna so that we got a fuzzy black and white picture of the Superbowl. It was reminiscent of my childhood in the late 50s. The audio was only fuzz so we turned it down and listened to the game on the radio.

I think that proves we are real fans, after all, we didn't get to hear the commercials or the half time show.

The first quarter I was futzing around in the kitchen so I missed the points scored in that quarter. Then the second quarter I was putting Tessa to bed, and nothing happened in the game. Aaron slept through half time and we both fought sleep through the uneventful 3rd quarter. Well uneventful unless you count Tom Brady getting sacked nearly every play a non-event - come on defensive line! (Is that what they are called?)

Then the 4th quarter - the Giants scored and were ahead. Finally the Pats started playing the game and drove the ball up the field for a beautiful touchdown. There was a little more than two minutes left and it should have been New England's game (oh, the "should haves") but the Giants managed a touchdown with 40 seconds to go - and WON! I went to bed with a stomach ache. I didn't actually know I cared so much. 18-1. 18-1.



Tanya said...

GO GIANTS!!!! :)

Sweet Em said...

I could use my omnipotent power as a blogger to delete your post Tanya, but I'm the bigger person.

jamerlou said...

I was rooting for the New England Patriots as well. Bummer. We went to Jeannie's for a SuperBowl party and I was about the only one for cheering when New England scored. By the way, I like your new blog template!

indeazgirl said...


Sweet Em said...

Oh, I must confess...I remembered after the fact (and after I claimed to be the bigger person) that I had posted a snarky comment on tanya's blog...whoopsie!