Sunday, February 3, 2008

Home Movie Time

I haven't posted pictures lately and I have a sad excuse. I dropped my camera a few weeks ago and therefore haven't taken any pictures. Luckily, we recovered our hard drive that crashed in September and so I've had a chance to go through Tessa's baby pictures, which of course are darling, and found a video I'm going to share.

When I watched this (long video) I understood what my dad meant when he said he was "scared to hold Tessa" in July when they came to visit. At the time, I thought she was so big and so tough, but watching this, well, I can't remember her being so tiny and helpless. In fact, to be honest, if someone dropped the tiny baby in this video in my arms, I'd be afraid also.

(Don't you just want to say "Be careful with that baby!")

P.S. If I mention that Tessa is nearly one, does it explain the nearly constant trip down memory lane that is, of late, my life?


Steph said...

Oh my Good night!!! How far we have come in the last few months. Can you believe she will be ONE next week???? Next thing you know she will want the keys to the car, to stay out past 10, then off to college : )

Laura said...

Ok so...adorable! I almost started to cry...ok, ok so I did cry...I remembered how you used to get so excited when she was getting bigger and now she is growing way to fast! What a sweetie! I want. I want. I want.

indeazgirl said...

Oh my gosh! She is so tiny. And Aaron is so in love. :o) She's darling.