Thursday, April 24, 2008

I almost forgot... do a last minute reminder about Team Tessa and the March for Babies, there is still time to donate.

But even more important I'd like to thank those who have already donated! I really do feel like the March of Dimes has made a difference in the care of preemies.

In fact years ago my Mother helped in some March of Dimes fund raisers. This was 17+ years ago. Well, 17 years ago the treatment for a baby born at Tessa's gestation was to put them in an incubator pumped full of oxygen and "see what happened." I know this because a nurse in the NICU had a baby born at 27 weeks gestation and that very very miraculously survived when it wasn't expected that she would. The research that made so many medical advances in the mean time was partially funded by my Mom's efforts. She never had any premature babies, in fact hers where either at, or beyond term, and I know that asking people for money, even for a good cause, was quite out of her comfort zone, however she did and made such a difference.

So once again, thank you to all who have donated!


Laura said...

Good luck in your March for Babies today! :) GO TEAM TESSA!