Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some sort of sick joke.

Warning, when I find my camera this post will contain a picture of a "poopy" diaper. (I know, ew)

Months ago I came up with the following super April Fool's joke. I decided to rework the classic (not classy by any means) baby shower game of "Candy-Bar-In-The-Diaper" into holiday hijinks. I melted a candy bar, put into a diaper, and put said diaper slightly under Aaron's pillow. Then I waited, snickering to myself.

It wasn't until late at night that he was feeding Tessa on the bed and I heard "Is this some sort of sick joke?" I have to say I disappointed that he only saw it and didn't get some on his hand or even better, LAY IN IT. (And as he pointed out, execution is 90% of the joke). Anyway, I decided to add some more ew-factor and I took the diaper from him and stuck my finger in it and took a lick. At that point he caught on and stated "Its chocolate, isn't it."

Then turns out the joke was on me, after 5 hours of sitting in the diaper the chocolate absorbed the absorby chemicals in the diaper and my little taste made my mouth dry the rest of the evening.


If you want to see an even better April Fool's joke click this link

Snoop Dogg Converts to Mormonism

Before you get to excited I'll point out that it was a hoax. However I will still quote my favorite line from the "article".

“I was hooked from the start,” Snoop Dogg said. “We talked about the purpose of life, played Mousetrap, and ate brownies. The kids thought it was off the hook, for real.”

After all, you can't deny that Mousetrap is a really cool game.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Do you realize that at LEAST half the state of Utah thinks that the Snoop Dogg story is TRUE!
(WHY are they so GULLIBLE?!?!?)

fox family said...

absorbancy chemicals in the diaper. I never would have thought. That's funny.

indeazgirl said...

That is a sweet article. Hopefully Snoop Dogg reads it and comes to my house for Famiy Home Evening. :o) The picture is CLASSIC!

Ewww. And icky icky chemical chocolate. Good try though. I would have been proud of myself.