Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Walk

Okay - I'm going to once again thank all the people who donated. I know I'm being repetitious but I am so impressed with your generosity. Team Tessa raised over $1220 which helped contribute to the over $100,000 that was raised at the Lowell March for Babies alone.

I also need to especially thank the other Team Tessa members - Traci, Tracie and Tessa, as well as the other "kids + one mom" who joined us on walk day.

(As you can see from the heavy shadows it was a bright, sunny day - but not too hot - pretty much the perfect weather.)



I really tried to get a good pic of the two girls...but they had a different agenda entirely.


Note Tessa's position on the blanket in this photo - she was at the limit of her mobility since she refused to let the her skin touch the grass.


Laura said...

So I have to say that Tessa is looking more and more like you! Love the pic, I put it on my desktop.

jamerlou said...

So cute! It amazes me how babies can sit for minutes on end holding legs in the air so they don't touch grass. I love the pink hat!

Emily said...

Ok, she's entirely too adorable. I love that hat. I dearly wish my boys would wear hats as Nixon is so fair and Rett's hair has yet to grow in with any sort of authority. Glad the walk went well.

Curtis&Mindy said...

that is SUCH an adorable picture of her! I want to see her without a hat though...does she have any hair yet?