Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Green soup

Veggie adventures continue.

This week was kale soup!

I thought I'd have to wait until the fall to make this but luckily it's been raining buckets for more than a week so soup was definitely needed.

I used this recipe : Potato Kale Soup in Yankee Magazine

With my own adjustments:

Using a tip I read in a magazine, I substituted 1/2 of the potatoes with turnip to slightly reduce the fat and greatly reduce the carbohydrates. Actually what I did was double the recipe because the smallest turnip I could find at the grocery store was easily the size of 4 medium potatoes.

I also didn't saute the potatoes or turnips, I just started boiling them (in the chicken stock) while I cut everything else up, so that I could get it done faster. I boiled the turnips for 10 minutes before putting the softer potatoes in.

Oh - and I should add - despite the fact that it looks like green cream of wheat - the result was DELECTABLE & NUTRITIOUS!


Aaron said...

It was great by the way, I fully endorse potato, turnip, & kale soup. I never knew I'd like those three together. A side note though, I wish my blogger wife would have the camera red to go when she puts it on the table next time, rather than wait until the bacon is just right for the photo. I was starving waiting for a photo shoot to be over.

indeazgirl said...

I will totally try this!

CurtisANDMindy said...

holy snaps for presentation!

CurtisANDMindy said...

oh and aaron...perhaps one should not complain when ones wife is cooking. perhaps one should wait patiently so he doesn't get punched in his hungry little mouth :)

indeazgirl said...

This is the link to the Oprah Kale recipe. This whole party sounds fun, but I doubt this kale will actually be as good as your soup!