Friday, August 1, 2008

What Not to Wear

A little background: Aaron has been holding on to some of his clothes for a long, long time. I won't comment too much on my psychological interpretations of his reasoning... Finally, however he went through all of his clothes in order to donate some of them to friends who lost their house in a fire. Among his shirts he found a real gem - which he claims I never let him wear. So he decided that before he gave it away (lucky recipient) he'd wear it one last time.

I got the following email on the day he wore the shirt...


RE: Fashion
From: Aaron U**
Sent: Fri 7/25/08 4:53 PM
To: Emily U**

So, you wanna bring me a shirt? ;-p I'm glad that people feel comfortable enough with me that they don't have to hold back the comments. Andrea laughed at me the second I walked in the door. Allan was over at Jenny's desk snickering at me. I'm lucky I'm so self confident, I told them it's retro friday. Some people tell me they like it, then they laugh, so I pretty much get my answer. I wish Tony, Nancy, & Moe hadn't been having a meeting at Regan's desk when I came in, it only added to my self awareness.

Oh well, at least a bunch of people are getting a good laugh out of it. Who knew I was so out of style? ;-)

Oh right, you did.

I love you.

Aaron Udy

**+* Architects **** Boston, MA 02114


After reading this I realized I hadn't really been doing my duty as a make sure my husband looked presentable when he left the house. On the other hand, he wasn't really taking full advantage of the benefit of having a wife by not taking my word for it when I said something was not (and hadn't not been for some time) in style.


Crystal said...

Dusty likes the shirt...and he's 100% completely serious.

But we've already discussed him keeping shirts I want to get rid of.

Aaron said...

When I purchase an article of clothing it's a lifetime contract, you should see my used to be white sweatshirt I've had since I was 17.

jamerlou said...

I like Aaron's comment. Merril's pretty aware of that sort of thing. He really likes to look nice. (He owns more shoes that I do.) It's rare that he comes out and I'm like, "Yeah, you're changing."

Mattsmom said...

OOOHHH! I am so dying here! I SERIOUSLY wish I had a pic of Craig in his black T with the HOT pink Ferrari on the front. I...being the dutiful wife I am...ACCIDENTALLY threw it away and then asked forgiveness. OOPS! NOTE to self. ALWAYS ask forgiveness PRIOR to tossing Craig's crappy clothes in the future.

Perhaps BOTH of our hubbys need to attend unfashion anonymous!

Curtis&Mindy said... that's SOME shirt. he sort of looks like a pathetic little deer caught in the headlights of bad fashion. i mean that in the best way possible. he looks cute and hopeless at dressing himself ;)

indeazgirl said...

I love when this blog lends itself to The Wittiness that is Aaron. It makes me smile.
And if it makes him feel better, Bridget looked at my senior pictures the other day and said, "What are you wearing?! You're dressed like a grandma!"
At least I didn't sign a lifetime contract with those clothes. :o)

noah & alyssa said...

i think i remember that number from college.