Monday, December 1, 2008

More proof he's paying attention

On Tuesday night I saw Twilight.

I went with some girlfriends, which was good since Aaron may not have appreciated the 13-year-old-like giggling that was happening in the theater (not from me though...of course not).

When I got home that night I was on a sexy-seventeen-year-old-vampire-induced-high (yikes, I know, creapy). Aaron was waiting with his lips puckered - however the high could not cover up the need I had to visit the ladies room (16 oz. of soda) so I had put his kiss on hold. When I came back in the room he puckered up again and when I kissed him his lips were ice cold.

Apparently he had remembered this blog* I had him read...remembered and applied...good job honey. Good job.

I included this a the most recent pic I have of him - the cat has nothing to do with it...but he's cute.

*The blog I linked to is really long, so in summary, if you want your Edward infatuated wife to fall head over heals for YOU try, among other things, sucking on an ice cube before kissing her.


jamerlou said...

I liked the post about you being Tessa's best friend. Maxine was a lot more shy around strangers than the rest of my kids. I think it's a first kid thing. Jack and Juliet are used to sharing Mommy with other people or siblings. She's so cute!

Maria said...

Tee Hee!

CurtisandMindy said...

awww. way to go A. that's awesome. Curt is always trying to put on the fake vampire teeth from halloween and I have to remind him that in Twilight vampires don't have fangs.

Laura and Connel said...

I've never read twilight and have not seen the movie yet, but that is so awesome.

Crystal said...

I actually couldn't say if you were giggling or not...the people behind us were covering us up :)

And I smile anytime I think of the movie, see a picture of him, talk about the book or movie....yup I'm just smiling all the time now!

wanna go again?

indeazgirl said...

K- so before I got to the part where you said, "the link I linked to is really long...." I, one of the 3% of LDS women who have NOT read Twilight, read all of that link until I finally understood why exactly it was so cool that Aaron's lips were cold.

I still forgive you. That was really fun of him. :o)

Emily said...

I love it. My husband has read three of the books (Ok, I read them TO him, but HE PAID ATTENTION.) I don't think he would have thought of that.