Friday, December 19, 2008

A Most Embarrassing Brag

I finished a quilt.


I'm not proud of myself.

I started it in 2006.

I actually gave it to my Mother-In-Law last year for Christmas, unfinished.

I took it home to finish it.

And it took me all year.

Talk about an anti-climatic gift.




noah and alyssa said...

it's very pretty though. p.s. i like the starting small header, it's almost like a 'where's waldo' except much easier. :)

Queen Elizabeth said...

But it looks great!

Laura and Connel said...

It is still really pretty! I like the new header! Cute pics...who took those? :)

CurtisandMindy said...

It's gorgeous!!! Totally worth the wait!!!! Just make sure you don't give it to her for Christmas again this year. (though that would be worth another blog) I know how you feel though. I did this "footprints poem" crosstitch thing for a friend of mine, matted it...told her it was hers and that i just needed to have curt make a frame for it....over a year later i finally just had to give up and give it to her when she sort of hinted that she had the perfect place in her home for it.

Maria said...

Beautiful, nonetheless. :) You should still be proud!!

indeazgirl said...