Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Suggestions please

I saw a great idea for an advent activity on one of my favorite blogs...

The Crafty Crow

The idea is to have a different Christmas book to read each day in December. I figure it'll take me around 5 years to collect 25 Christmas books if I only buy a few a year (actually, if I only buy a few a year that will take 10 years...but I'm not going to be THAT frugal!)

Anyway - I was hoping you could offer suggestions on children's Christmas books you love. I want uplifting (but not too heart rending in order to give my hormonal self a fighting chance) with cute pictures...not too much to ask. A good moral would also be nice.

Don't worry - I already have a special place reserved for "Poochy the Christmas Pup."

Stay tuned for travel adventure updates...


Crystal said...

I love Rudolph (the christmas movie turned book) and I would hit stores the week after Christmas to buy the books for cheap. You might have to go to a few stores, but you can save like 60 or 75%

Laura and Connel said...

You asked for it..

-Christmas Oranges (great classic, but yes a little heart-rending)
-The Gift of the Magi-always good :)
-The Grinch who stole Christmas!
-The Legend of the Poinsettia - A Christmas Story by Tomie dePaola
-The Polar Express

indeazgirl said...

I grew up reading "Jolly Old Santa Claus" every Christmas Eve. There are a lot of terrible new versions out there. I had to buy one on ebay for myself and some of them went for about $50. I got a few for between $7 and $14. It's probably better to look NOT at Christmas time. I just looked. There's one hardcover for $173. Ahh!! Get the softcover. 1961 edition.
Oh, and the Polar Express. And Santa's First Flight I got last year. Very cute.
Merry Christmas!!

CurtisandMindy said...

every time i tell that story about how you bought "poochy" and surprised your dad on christmas i get a little misty. it was so AWESOME (and i wasn't even there).

believe it or not i can't think of a single christmas book that hasn't been mentioned already. i'm losing my touch. AUGH.

Maria said...

Ditto on Christin's "Jolly Old Santa Claus". The pictures are AMAZING and detailed. It is fun to look for different things over and over again.

My coffee table is overflowing with my favorite books. I love all the little Jan Brett Christmas books (we have a set of three board books that Audrey LOVES).

More later...