Friday, December 26, 2008

Old School Christmas Tree

According to old Hollywood movies people used to get and decorate their Christmas trees on Christmas Eve, or sometimes Santa himself would deliver it. How magical.

I personally prefer to have the tree up the whole month of December; however, in our life, things rarely go according to plan (someday I'll explain our family motto of "Completely Unprepared for Absolutely Everything"). So, its not really to surprising that being out of town in the beginning of December threw everything off. Add to that a big snow storm this past weekend and we found ourselves out on Christmas Eve looking for a Christmas tree.

The only "real" place (i.e. a plant nursery/tree lot) that still had trees was selling $80.00 trees for 40% off...I'm sorry, not a good enough deal for the Udys! So what if they were beautiful, they still shoud have been $20.00 - IMHO. So we finally gave in and headed to Wal-mart (not even the nice one in the next town over, but the trashy one down the street from us) for the tiny trees I'd seen leaning against the building for $10.00. And lo, they had been further discounted to...

...wait for it...


A Christmas miracle. (Okay - don't worry, we aren't that poor, we were planning to spend a lot more than that but still - FIVE DOLLARS! You can't loose!)

Before - Aaron is trying to put on a "poor me" face next to our shrimpy tree.

As you can see, it turned out wonderfully and I loved the idea that Tessa would wake up to a Christmas tree, lights, decorations AND presents. Yeah!

After - LOVE IT!


Tara said...

Now that is a magical christmas (for Tessa at least!) I think your tree is so cute. The one I've had for the past six christmases looked just like that and it was fake--so not even half as cool as yours. I did get it for free though so I guess it was a better deal. Can't beat those cheap trees ;0) Hope your christmas was a fun one!

Melissa said...

Congratulations on the girl!! It's a great way to start your family! (We have 2 girls first as well) They're a huge help and the best of friends. I'm sure your will be too!

CurtisandMindy said...

oh, how super cute. and i think your tree was perfect!!!

CurtisandMindy said...

AND I JUST READ "MELISSA" above me. i'm going to have to send her death threats for spoiling it for me. ;( CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GIRL!!!!