Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bailout Needed - STAT

I read this article on Yahoo yesterday and have been overcome with worry and anxiety ever since. You see, it claims that Krispy Kreme runs the risk of failing this year. {staggering sorrow ungulfs me at the thought}

The ONLY way I have managed to continue living a productive life (excluding the past three weeks) after the local Krispy Kreme shops closed was the subliminal knowledge that they still exist - out there and that maybe I'd be able to someday eat another. BUT WHAT IF THAT NEVER HAPPENS!? What if that delicious and delectable flavor ceases to exist all together? What kind of life will that be?

So. Christin, I call on you to repent from the idea that 30 minutes is too far to drive (yes, she directly states that here) and Maria, I implore you to stop at the one near you house weekly, even if it means an extra - what? 3-4 hours on the treadmill. You must sacrifice for those of us who can't do it ourselves. You must.


CurtisandMindy said...

After this comment, I'm not sure if you'll still want to be my friend. I have to say, I dont' really see what is so special about Krispy Kremes. They taste like regular donuts to me. I'll admit I've never had a hot one (if that makes a difference) or one that is SUPER fresh. Still. I just don't get it. Sorry em. ;)

Maria said...

Mindy. Mindy. MINDY. YES, it matters if they're hot. It is not humanly possible to consume less than three of these donuts when they are hot and tasty. AMAZING.

Em, although I have previously thought I would do just about anything for you, I may have to draw the line at eating unhealthily whilst I implore my body to shape up!! (Sorry...?) :)
It does make me happy that we stopped there while you were here, though!!!

Laura said...

Even food storage won't work for this one.

indeazgirl said...

3 of them just re-opened here in October after all of them closed here last year. So your article must be wrong. There is still a need. Don't fret my friend.

Brent and Tracie said...

glad to hear I'm not the only one Mindy:) aaron and em bought KK once just so I could taste the difference..I tried, really I did. I just couldn't taste it. Maybe if they sold coffee they could hold out like DD has.