Thursday, February 19, 2009

The reason for the 7 year itch

This year I've really noticed that all the stuff we got for our wedding is...old. I think this may be why couples experience the seven year itch. All the irons/towels/frying pans that symbolize their happy union are broken/dingy/peeling - leading inevitably to dissatisfaction.

Case in point - (or case and point...not sure which it is) - behold the very last of the beautiful glasses we were given seven (almost eight) years ago...

It was one of eight but one by one they were knocked off (quite literally) leaving just this little guy. We drank from him for a long time even though he had a short little crack down the side. And just a few days ago (after drinking milk, that is why he looks so dingy) I noticed the crack had extended all the way around and now connected to itself. Somehow it had not broken - but I decided to just put him out of his misery and tossed him.

But - don't you fear. You see we are in our eighth year of marriage, with the 9th just around the corner, and as such have mastered all there is too know about teamwork and cooperation.

Case in/and point -

One of my year long goals is to be organized, and I had broken this down into a monthly goal for January of having the dishes done each night before bed.

If you've ever lived with me you'll know that this goal is HUGE and I was going pretty well with it...then bedrest hit and I thought that goal would go out the window.

Enter my eternal companion, who knew about my goal (it would have been hard not to notice the drastic reduction in kitchen clutter). He stepped up and as a team, I feel like we accomplished this goal.

Okay - yes, DUMB little thing, but if he hadn't done that it would have been another goal I had that I failed to accomplish. And having something in the "I accomplished this" catagory means a lot to me.

So thank you honey!


CurtisandMindy said...

awwwww. points for aaron!

Maria said...

Ohhh...what a sweet honey!

indeazgirl said...

How great that you get to buy new glasses soon!

I love that Aaron did that for you. For abs diet motivation, brad hid my scale from me so that I could only weigh on Sun and Mon and not get quite so numbers obsessed. And John (last week) promised to only kiss me on days that I followed my diet AND worked out. Which sounds mean, but he knew it was the only motivation that would actually work!!
Go teamwork!