Thursday, February 26, 2009

Modern Correspondence

Because I once watched the movie "Rebecca" three times in a row I know that in the glamorous olden days the wealthy women would sit at their desks in the morning and write letters to each other as part of their "job" as the women of the house.

I SWEAR my life is the modern, gestating version of this and what I do is NOT mindless internet searching.

Yes, I do tend to blog stalk via and my "correspondence" tends lean more towards reading and less towards writing my own, but in my defense, typing while laying on your side is a major pain. (Man, am I milking this bedrest thing or WHAT!?)

But anyway, I thought I'd take some time to update my sidebar links and give shout outs to the random strangers of whom I am a devoted reader.

My most productive internet activity has been to enter in the giveaways but this is only because I just WON SOMETHING from Pink Chalk Studio and it has made my week! The giveaway prize arrived in the mail a few days ago - I could post pictures of the actual fabric but - well - lazy, so here is a link. I received a fat quarter of each of those prints - YEAH!

Here are some of the other crafty blogs I am addicted to, book mark like crazy, and will never actually accomplish anything from. (Hey, I know myself pretty well)
Craft Apple (actually I lied, I am almost done with a project made from a pattern I purchased from here...I'll post pics if and when I finish it).
Crafty Crow
Crazy Mom Quilts
Lovely Design
One Pretty Thing
She Sew Sassy
Simple Sparrow
Tallgrass Prairie Studio

Here are some design related blogs I like
Green Mormon Architect
How About Orange
Ikea Hacker

This is a blog I contribute to...on occasion. I definitely wish I did more because at one point in my life I was a BIG I'm a big "some day I'll read"-er.
Reading for Sanity

Advice blogs (hum, not a lot of originality in the names, are there?)
Simple Mom
Simple Marriage
The Simple Dollar

And last but not least, random editorial blogs I like to read (heavily biased towards fertility blogs)
A Little Pregnant
Seriously So Blessed (warning: when I first started reading this blog I couldn't post on my own for at least three weeks, so great was the fear that I accidentally become the person this blogger is mocking...also, probably makes more sense if you are Mormon or know a LOT of them).
Stuff White People Like

To close I'd like to ask for suggestions...I can't very easily turn down a craft blog, but what I'm looking for is something with design theory and/or some sort of intellectually stimulating material - I used to be smart once and wonder if I can do it again. ;)


CurtisandMindy said...

Wow, READING FOR SANITY?!?!? What a crazily clever title! And it is a bunch of stay-at-home/working moms that review books, you say? That is so fun-creative-cool and obviously sprung from the sheer genius of one of your friends. Hmmmmm...I wonder who it could be?!

CurtisandMindy said...

sorry. i couldn't help myself. ;)

Matt and Erin said...

Ahem...confession time. I don't know if you remember me from our 1st year at U of I--or Mindy for that matter, Erin that lived at the end of the hall (711 Hayes). I found your blog via Alyssa's and I love reading what you're up to. I even found an old picture of you the other day, that's my latest project--scanning pictures.

Sweet Em said...

Yes - I do remember you...sheesh, that was a long time ago wasn't it. I hope things are going well for you!