Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthday Cheer

The paparazzi finally gets its act together and posts some birthday pictures of our TWO year old.

Loved the candles but wouldn't even try to blow them out.

You know, its time for me to come clean, or not...my kid is the one with the perpetually messy face. If you can still be my friend I'd appreciate it.

And as if to punish me for that, this picture posted twice and I can't get it to delete.

One major bummer about being on bedrest is that I could do the fun stuff for V-day or Tessa's birthday that I wanted to do...but she had balloons, cupcakes and playdoh (and tons of books) so she didn't seem to mind.

Tessa was a great helper while Daddy assembled her table and chairs.


Laura said...

Who cares about a messy face? Oh...wait...
She is so cute that it doesn't even matter.

Maria said...

Cute cute CUTE!

CurtisandMindy said...

Happy B-day T! What a cute little table! She has such a sweet happy little face..and messy or not..I love it.