Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes*

(The babe in question)

The first few days that Alicia was here we were all sort of getting used to the rhythm of our life. After a few conversations Alicia observed

"So, I'm figuring out that Aaron, you are sort of a neat freak...and Emily, you are the slob."

In the mean time we've all settled into life and Alicia is one of the family. To summarize the past three days.

Saturday - Held a semi-chewed waffle fry that Tessa handed to her in the car.

Sunday - Caught semi-chewed grapes that Tessa lost interest in during church (notice the theme of our lives) and handed over her precious phone on the way home to keep Tessa awake.

Monday - Cleaned up throw up.

I'm thinking we'll owe her a pretty big gift when this is all over!

Last summer Alicia stayed for a month with our sister living in Ohio at the time. They had an extra bedroom and a spare bathroom. I guess this summer she is learning how the other half lives - in this pic Tessa and Alicia snuggle on Alicia's "bed" (aka the living room couch) - at first we offered her a luxurious down comforter. That ended when we realized she was allergic to it.

But - to Alicia's credit - Aaron and I mock our living situation, Alicia hasn't spoken a single negative word. We love her!

(And to make it even better she is at this moment making brownies from SCRATCH!)


Tanya said...

She can totally come to my house next!=)

CurtisandMindy said...

Alicia, you are my hero! Thanks for taking such good care of Emily!

jamerlou said...

I love the look Tessa has on her new bed! Alicia is seriously a devoted aunt. I don't know of anyone who cleans up throw up unless it's your own or your childs. You guys are lucky!

indeazgirl said...

are those not the best books ever?!

Leshy said...

i don't know if i quiet put the whole slob part that way i think i said it in a more subtle way

Tara said...

It's so great you have some help--Alicia sounds like a trooper (you have to be to clean up throw-up) I love your carrot btw!! Just crotchet a bunny to go with it and you have easter basket stuffers ;0)