Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our comings and goings

Or in our case, our stayings and stayings.

The bathroom project continues, as Alicia can attest it involves intense negotiations on important issues like base board height, towel rods and backer-board. As Alicia can attest it's enough to drive someone listening in bonkers. That said, Aaron did make some good progress on Saturday.

That was the day the girls went to a friend's house and bedrested while watching Twilight on DVD. As we were leaving Aaron asked me to remember that Edward couldn't build me a house - I hated telling him that Edward's "mom" probably could. Don't worry though honey, I'll happily stick with the man I've got.

You know, its actually a bit funny to me. At least once each of my close friends have posted things that their husbands have done that seem bizarre, inexplicable, and frankly, grounds for divorce (imho). But they seem unphased. I wonder if those same friends are thinking the same thing about this project (and the timing).

Speaking of the timing, Aaron claims he is nesting, after all this is the biggest project he's starting since Tessa was born. Paternal nesting appears to be a little different than standard maternal nesting.

Well, we've made it to 33 weeks. Obviously I'm quite glad, although last week I told a lot of people (many that read this blog) that I was feeling a bit discouraged that I had another 5 weeks of bedrest ahead of me. Well, no longer - after all now it is less than 30 days and thats hardly anything.

Plus, seriously, laying around all day reading blogs is about 1000x better than visiting your baby in the NICU. Hands. Down.

Plus it is spring now!! So I guess the "Coming This Spring" T-shirt/fetal brainwashing worked.

Finally a note on my body image. I am going to be overly honest here so feel free NOT to comment. I LOVE MY BELLY! I'm very disappointed that I don't get to flounce around town for people to see. Obviously I am the heaviest that I've ever been but I don't really feel that big. You may disagree, but as I told Aaron, that doesn't matter because I'm as pleased as punch with myself.

Okay, I'm slighting chagrined that I claim to be proud of my belly and still need to point out that the SHADOW makes me look bigger than I am. So to review, love my belly but am wearing black (its slimming) for a reason and don't need any extra shadow helping me out. Oh, and photoshop means I don't have to worry about my complexion either.


Mattsmom said...

I think your belly is wonderful! It's about time you got a proper baby belly to flaunt (even if it is just to your family) and caress and adore while your baby gets less mobile as she squishes around and finds a favorite spot...right between your sciatic and your bladder!!! Enjoy the net 30 days!

MindySue said...

you have such a cute belly! be proud of it. I'm currently having belly cravings myself. one question...what is imho?

Maria said...

Love the belly! :) I say, wear it proudly! You've worked hard to get it! Congrats on 33 weeks...and here's to at least four more!!

Anne Bennion said...

You look great. Pregnant bellies are the best. Good luck with the next 30 days.

Emily said...

You stinker... you're making fun of me with the slimming thing. It's sass, isn't it?;) You look fab. And you're smaller than I am at this point (stay tuned for the 24 week shot... shudder) so no worries.

indeazgirl said...

Counting the weeks that your baby gets to grow in you is the most intense drama I've ever been drawn into in the blogging world. I wait for the fruit/vegetable/picture update every week. The excitement continues to build.
p.s. you look great.

Parker's Mom said...

Hey Em! It's nice to finally meet you, kind of... I hear you about the NICU... STAY IN BED! I will keep up with your blog too and then maybe one day I can meet you in person. PS, Richard says hello... =)

ashley skifton

noah and alyssa said...

I am SO HAPPY (!) that you've made it to 8 months. congratulations. but on the down side, i guess that means i need to get started on those random little dollies...
good luck in the last few weeks, hope they're relatively easy and painless (bathroom renovations included).

Ashley said...

ps... I updated richard and I's blog to
sorry, I'm a newby at this blogging thing. We'd love to hear from you!

Take it easy! We are rooting for ya to go all the way!

cousin ashley

ps, richard said to tell you that he still does look 11.

Yaker621 said...

We haven't seen you in SOOOOO LONG!! It's nice to hear you are, though not quite out of the woods, definitely nearing the edge of the forest! Hi to Tessa!