Friday, March 6, 2009

Only the sixth?

Today I'll openly admit I've hit the "oh my gosh I'm so bored that I've even run out of internet to browse" stage of bed rest. Believe it or not I've managed to be fairly content so far (6+ weeks) but - today - I was trying to figure out what day it was and I was updating my time sheet with the few hours of work I've been able to do while laying on my side and I realized that March has only been happening for 6 days and here I was thinking it had to atleast be near the middle. Who knew that revelation would be enough to bum me out!?

I am feeling both relieved to be "so far" into my pregnancy, and thus a bit cavalier about the whole thing, and freaked out that my baby, who is probably just a little over three pounds, is millimeters away from entering the world. (Don't worry though, the blessed fFn test says I have another 1.5 weeks at least). The combination means I take longer showers than I was when I was 24-28 weeks, but feel guilty about it the whole time.

And we still don't have a name - chances are the baby will be born at 41 weeks and we will still have to narrow the list down - we are a deadline driven couple.

Anyhoo - if you are a local blog reader I'll go ahead and ask if you have 2-3 books that you'd describe as "compelling*" that I could borrow?

*Compelling: (adj.) Thought-provoking and well wrtitten. May include emotion but not in a manipulative manner. See "worth my oddles and oodles of time to read".


Queen Elizabeth said...
So funny so it may not be good for the "rest" part of your life.

Crystal said...

my book collection is your library :) I just read Sundays at Tiffany's....pretty good. Also have a TON of busines books from Chick-fil-A functions (not that bad) Home Depot 1-2-3 manual and of course the entire Twilight series if you want to re-read i :)

indeazgirl said...

have you already read "eat pray love" ? do you want me to send it to you?

Maria said...

I wish I were amazing enough to have a list of must-reads. (I know I'm not local, but I'm sure you have a library card and a willing library-going friend or relative). HOWEVER, when I find time to read, it's mostly mindless mystery novels (which I LOVE, but none of which I would really classify as "compelling reading".)

Anyway, if you want a list of mystery series I've enjoyed, I'd be happy to oblige!

Oh-and HANG IN THERE!! You're amazing! Way to be the best mama that baby could ask for!!

Brent and Tracie said...

So should I bring you your book back? It was a good one, worth the read? I've been meaning to plan a play date with you guys

Drewmeister said...

Not sure these are compelling, but here are some of my favorites you are welcome to borrow:

mystery series (Joanne Fluke, Jill Churchill, Mary Higgins Clark, Diane Mott Davidson)

history: Paul Revere's Ride, 1776, Goodwives

LDS romance and historical fiction: Anita Stansfield, Rachel Nunes, Gerald Lund

Anonymous said...

So, if you want a shorter, really funny and easy read, you should try "Prom Dates from Hell."

My mom and I heard about it on NPR and really, it's hilarious. Not anything super hard or earth shattering, but entertaining for sure.

(Christin's friend. I have to admit, I totally blog stalk you... That's not creepy or anything.)

Terry said...

At the risk of sounding even MORE boring than you already feel, what better opportunity than this to get in some intense scripture study! I'M SERIOUS!!! QUIT LAUGHING!!! Only this time, go to and go to the CES Religion Manuals and follow along in the one you need as you read your scriptures. These things are SO INFORMATIVE, FREE, and ALREADY IN YOUR HAND, with insights that really expand your knowledge. I LOVE THEM!!! I don't know what I ever did without them!

On the lighter side...I HIGHLY recommend the book "CRAZY LADIES". I have a copy that I would LOVE to loan you, but I have already loaned it to a woman I visit teach and I haven't been able to get a hold of her in over two months to get it back. It is the story of a family of women, stretching over three generations, beginning in 1932. There's murder, intrigue, and lots of pettiness between these women and what goes on in their lives, equaling lots of ridiculous laughter for the reader.

And good luck and best wishes with you there.